Latest Episodes

CHRISTOPHER JH WRIGHT: Reintegrate the Great Commission with the Mission of God
April 12, 2024

Author of "The Great Story and the Great Commission"

JOSH LARSEN - Enjoying Movies at a Deeper Level
March 24, 2024

Seeing Movies as Prayers (and even enjoying Horror Movies!)

ALAN NOBLE enters into our mental or emotional suffering
March 04, 2024

Author of "On Getting Out of Bed."

DR. CARMEN IMES on "Being God's Image"
February 08, 2024

Finding your identity and your place in God's good creation.

The Rapture, Armageddon, & the Millennium: The History of Dispensationalism with Historian Dr. Daniel Hummel
January 18, 2024

How the Evangelical Battle Over the End Times Shaped a Nation

JENNIFER DUKES LEE - "Stuff I'd Only Tell God!"
July 25, 2023

What would you say if you were completely honest with yourself and with God? leads David and Bob (and you!) on a journey of telling truths, some fun and some painful, through her new book, (Bethany

How to Reintegrate Faith and Vocations - with Logos Daily and Jason Stone
July 07, 2023

Reintegrate Podcast with Logos Daily Circle

Michaela O'Donnell PhD: Make Your Work Matter
June 06, 2023

Meaningful Work in a Changing World

RICHARD VANCE GOODWIN - Experiencing God at the Movies
May 23, 2023

Seeing Is Believing: The Revelation of God Through Film