Latest Episodes

Ep. 24 - Late Night Chill Tech House
September 11, 2022

#TechHouse #House #DeepHouse; Hey guys, to chill off a little, i chose some of my favorite #TechHouse songs for you to enjoy, so sit back relax, and chill.

Ep. 23 - Neon Lounge: Part 2
August 29, 2022

#Lounge #Disco #House; Hello Clubbers, Ghost Host here, sorry it took me so long to post, i was awfully busy at work, so here's a very special episode to me! To kick off my comeback, let's celebrate w

Ep. 22 - Lonely Electro Night
June 24, 2022

#Electro #ProgressiveHouse; Hey guys, it's been a while and i've been very busy! On today's episode we explore the feeling of loneliness and how music can be a salvation, or even a safe place for us l

Ep. 21 - Blessed Disco
May 16, 2022

#NuDisco #Disco; Hey guys, we're back for Season 3!! To start our new season, join us and be blessed by disco, in our playlist inspired episode ! the playlist you can find on Spotify @pedroszt. Enjoy

Ep. 20 - Forbidden Disco
January 07, 2022

#Disco #NuDisco; To kick off the new year, with good vibes, and a lot of disco, i present to you our new and last episode of season 2, inspired on a original playlist made by us, back in early 2021.

Ep. 19 - Late Beach Nights
December 23, 2021

#ElectroPose #TropicalHouse; Everyone love that long day at the beach, sea hair, and drinks to enjoy. So today's episode is all about that summer feeling, to enjoy while at the beach !

Ep. 18 - The Twilight Zone
December 16, 2021

#BassHouse #DeepHouse; At first we got lost on a black hole, but at the end we made it through ! Safely ! In today's episode we go through that black hole together on a total different vibe.

Ep. 17 - A Very Chill Night
December 03, 2021

#DeepHouse #MelodicHouse; To start part 2 of season 2, we take you on a journey, filled with emotions and a melodic vibe through the stars, for you to enjoy listening while dreaming.

Ep. 16 - Dream in a Trance
October 01, 2021

Trance; Progressive; In today's episode we travel through the stars in the speed of light, as we go through beautiful galaxies...

Ep. 15 - Mystik Night
September 02, 2021

#DeepHouse; We know Mystik is spelled with a C, but in our world everything's different. Talking about different... Dive into our 'Mystik' electronic neon world.