Tea With Nicky: Embrace Your Wild Woman

Tea With Nicky: Embrace Your Wild Woman

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Episode 79: With support we can achieve great things
January 30, 2022

Today am talking about having more support to help you have the life that you really desire. What is it that you need to put in place? Thinking outside of the box. For me I needed to put the support i

Episode 76: It's time to take a breath
January 23, 2022

Adding too much pressure when there is so much going on around us can halt momentum, crush our energy and lead us to make the wrong decisions out of fear and desperation. We need to have the time to l

Episode 71: Pleasure over Perfection
January 12, 2022

Have you felt as though you hold yourself back from taking action in different areas of your life because you don't think you'll be able to do it perfectly? Today I talk about pleasure over perfection

Episode 70: Creating the boundaries you need
January 11, 2022

Setting boundaries is much easier said than done. Creating the boundaries you need to energise and re-centre yourself allows you to be the best version of yourself. In todays episode I go through my o