What Would Mozart Do?

What Would Mozart Do?

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047 - Keeping Music(ians) Strong
June 19, 2021

Today I am talking to flautist Angela McCuiston. In our chat Angela passionately shares her story of how a series of playing-related injuries have caused her to become a Fitness Trainer for Musicians.Angela McCuiston is a NASM-CPT, CES, SFS and CETI-CES (

046 - The Lucrative Artist
May 27, 2021

Today I am talking to baritone and entrepreneur Brian Witkowski. In our chat we talk about the path that brought Brian to starting his own business called the Lucrative Artist, a platform where artists are helped to identify their purpose, to recognise t

045 - Embracing the Unknown
May 21, 2021

Today I am talking to soprano Henriikka Grndahl. In our chat we discuss how career trajectories can change over time and the possible influence of relationships and parenthood on negotiating a singing career. Henriikka Grndahl is a versatile lyric sopra

044 - On Art and Opera
May 07, 2021

Today I am talking to mezzo-soprano Carolyn Dobbin. In our chat we discuss Carolyns career trajectory from art teacher to opera singer, and how her creativity carried her through loss and grief during the Covid-19 pandemic.Northern Irish mezzo-soprano an

043 - Nutrition on the Operatic Stage
April 28, 2021

Today I am talking to baritone Duncan Rock. In our chat we are discussing how Duncans dedication to fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle influences his international career as an opera singer and how by developing his own nutrition brand Duncan com

042 - Designing A Career In Fashion
April 21, 2021

Today I am talking to Hendrik Vermeulen, a South African Couturier, fashion designer, singer-songwriter and producer. In our chat we talk about the importance of time management and structuring in order to enhance creativity and we discuss how careers dev

041 - Keys to a Different World
April 14, 2021

Today I am talking to pianist Peter Jablonski. We discuss piano repertoire in and outside the canon, how careers take time to develop, and wonder about the influence of social media on the longevity of a career in music.Peter Jablonski is an award-winning

040 - Creative Minds over Linear Matter
April 07, 2021

Today I am talking to countertenor Daniel Keating-Roberts. We discuss the importance of creative minds channeling over linear matter, we consider potential ways in which the pandemic has left a positive mark on the performance industry, and Daniel shares

039 - Short Circuits of Creation
March 31, 2021

Today I am talking to Frederick Robin a composer and perfumery artist. In our chat Frederick talks about the synergy between his music and processes that brought about creating a series of nine fragrances as well as his passion to collaborating with other

038 - Leading from the Chorus
March 10, 2021

Today I am talking to tenor Karl Marx Reyes. During his studies as a pre-med student he was scouted for the chorus of Seattle Opera. Karl now holds a hybrid position performing compramario & featured roles. In our talk we discuss the career from the