That Makes Sense - The Poddity of Life

That Makes Sense - The Poddity of Life

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Let's raise our 'Cups'!
August 21, 2020

THIS IS IT! At least it could be. For the longest time, women across the globe have waited for their perfect period partner, and we may have just found it. Zinia Fernandes and her closest friend; an actor, director and lawyer, Swagata Naik, get powerfully

Cut the Comedy with Standup Comedian Neeti Palta
July 19, 2020

What happens when the 'almost sanskari' Neeti Palta meets the 'not so serious' Zinia Fernanes? Well, you'll get Comedy minus all the flab! Catch our host Zinia Fernandes and India's favorite stand up comic, Neeti Palta in this super fun chat that deals wi

The Inherent Voice
June 27, 2020

Catch Zinia Fernandes and producer & presenter on the nations biggest breakfast radio show on 94.3 RadioOne, Hrishikay , in a high spirited and very constructive conversation about not just becoming but staying relevant as a voice artist or a talk profess

'Out With It'
June 27, 2020

From a shaking voice to speaking the truth, Author, Speaker and Influencer on LGBT & Diversity, Raga D'silva and Zinia Fernandes talk about living the not-so-easy but authentic way of life, it's called 'totally out'. Whether it's food, sexual choices, fa