Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens

Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens

Latest Episodes

Halloween Special: Monster Madness
October 27, 2020

The regular cast take on the persona's of some of Athelen's most dangerous monsters in a bid to rescue the Winter Equinox when a band of pesky adventurers steal a holy book of Darikos... What could possibly go wrong?

A Shadow Awakens: Chapter 2 - Accidents Happen.
October 27, 2020

Having decided to join the Order of the Heartstone a guild for adventurers the party pick their first mission. However barely out of sight of the city of Athelan an accident happens that derails their plans....

The Adventures of... Hunter Aram #9
October 27, 2020

Hunter and his new friend the spirit of the Ulgat Shaman Onyx continue to battle their way across the Plane of Shadows and encounter a peculiar old chap...

A Shadow Awakens: Chapter 2: Athelan City
October 27, 2020

Zalatha, Annie and Musa assist Brother Darius in taking Mani's body to the Cathedral of the Eternal Dawn in Athelan the capital of Athelen. Wherein they encounter a mysterious spellblade who intrudces them to the Order of the Heartstone.

Adventures of... Kada Selte #7
October 07, 2020

Kada and her mentor Saran return to the scene of Hunter's death wherein Kada discovers the Seven Sisters holds a secret unbeknownst to others. Journeying north beyond the Shentarn Mountains. Saran leads Kada to the most sacred of places to those who w

A Shadow Awakens - Chapter 2: Bloodshed in Ravenbrooke
October 06, 2020

The witch wronged by the villagers of Ravenbrooke arrives to exact her revenge. Compelled by dark magics Annie sets fire to one of the village cottages. Musa make's a move on Zalatha mid fight and things take a deadly turn when Mani's lycan nature

A shadow Awakens - chapter 2: Hocus Pocus
September 29, 2020

The party meet a Disciple of Salun on the road who is answering a call to aid a group of villagers whom believe their village to be cursed. Mani offers the groups assistance and they journey onward to Ravenbrooke.. a village that hides a dark secret.

Adventures of... Versear #6
September 29, 2020

Versear attempts to complete the mission given to him by his mentor and officer Anastasia Tagraven. But all does not go to plan....

A Shadow Awakens - Chatprer 2: Screams in the Forest...
September 29, 2020

Musa, Annie, Zal and Mani encounter the teamster Garrick on the road and are taken on as caravan guards.. leaving Talan behind they enter the kingdom of Athelen. Whilst camped on the edge of the Kilman Forest the mani hears a terrified scream in the dark.

The Adventures of... Hunter Aram #5
September 10, 2020

Hunter's Soul continues to battle for survivl in the Endless Voids of Darikos and encounters an ally in the Darkness, an Ulgat Shaman by the name of Onyx. Alliances are formed as the pair seek out an escape from the torment of the Plane of Shadows.