Ride with me...let’s “GROW”!

Ride with me...let’s “GROW”!

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Author Chat
August 22, 2022

On this ride meet children's picture book author Sarina Siebenaler! Learn about her silly book series. Titles include: Do Not Wish For A Pet Ostrich and Do Not For A Birthday Unicorn. Plus, a sneak peek at the upcoming book 3! Spoiler alert...there’s an e

Backstory: Reciprocation - A Book Chat Detour
August 06, 2022

(...insert eyeroll) Okay, let me tell it. On this ride we take a detour. I share a few thoughts on the concept and importance of reciprocation. Listen as I unpack a few bumps in the road on my journey to becoming a published author. --- This episode is

Backstory: Book Chat part 3
July 20, 2022

This episode highlights my journey on the road to becoming a published author. The publishing process was accelerated so this reflection is quick!

Backstory: Book Chat part 2
July 20, 2022

The ride highlighting my journey to becoming a published childrens picture book author continues. In this episode, we cover the road from illustrator to publishing.

Backstory: Book Chat Part 1
July 03, 2022

Did you miss me? Immmm back! Since my last episode, I released my 1st childrens picture book CocoaMocha Kids Presents: You Are The U In Unique on 6.13.22! This episode is the 1st in the Backstory series. Listen and learn more about the manifestation o

(insert eyeroll)…The Live Peaceable Ride!
June 05, 2021

Living in this skin is not for the faint of heart! Listen as I share my mani/pedi experience. It left me feeling like WTF! You cant even get a service without being racially profiled, stereotyped and down right treated like your doing/being something wro

The Kinship Ride Book Chat
June 02, 2021

We are back with another book chat episode. Ride with Sha and I as we discuss Kindred by Octavia Butler. This story is meaningful read which left us wanting more. We chat more about the plight of our ancestors, the implications and influence of what the

Riding with Baby
April 17, 2021

Join my youngest son and I for a fun chat! My baby has long wanted to be a guest on my podcast and the perfect opportunity presented itself! In this episode we play a game of Would You Rather? Tune in and give my son a listen. Learn a little more abou

The Round about Ride
April 02, 2021

Ride with me for a brief round up on: words, watching, and winning. In addition, find out more about my upcoming appearance as guest on Pulse of the Region podcast. Listen in to find out more!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Ride
March 25, 2021

Dont let the titles play on words fool you. The episode is not about putting some respect on my name nor is it about vehicles. It is actually about the support or lack there of, all to often silly division and more times than not the lack of support give