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Working Without Waste

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Episode #24: How Vistage Makes Better Leaders
August 21, 2021

Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organization for small and midsize businesses. For more than 60 years we’ve been helping CEOs, business owners and key executives solve their toughest challenges through a comprehensive approach to success

Episode #23 OnSite Waste Technologies - The Company Disrupting the Medical Waste Disposal Industry
July 28, 2021

OnSite Waste Technologies is a Newport Beach California-based company dedicated to reducing the cost, risk, and environmental impact of medical waste processing and disposal.Our podcast guest is Don Suxho, National Account Executive at OnSite Waste Techno

Episode #22 Jeff VanVoorhis, Symbiont VP, Why investors are fast-tracking renewable energy projects
June 02, 2021

Jeff VanVoorhis, VP at Symbiont Science, Engineering & Construction, Inc. Symbiont is a nationally recognized full-service engineering, design-build, construction firm utilizing innovative engineering technologies that optimize environmental and susta

Episode #21 Crowdspring - When is the right time to focus on branding?
May 18, 2021

Jason Byer is the marketing and partnerships manager for Crowdspring, a Chicago based branding company that helps businesses, agencies and non-profits of any size start, run and grow their business through great design and naming. Crowdspring dramatically

Episode #20 How to Find & Hire the Best Talent in Manufacturing
April 21, 2021

Manufacturing has a labor problem. Skilled talent has never been tougher to find. Stagnating wages have driven workers to other industries, while the rise of automation is driving more jobs to be highly skilled. Factory Fix decided to fix that problem. Th

Episode #19 Upcycling Latex Paint Waste & Growing Vocational Abilities
April 08, 2021

Tune in to the Working Without Waste Podcast Episode #19 with guest @ChrisMcCarthy. Chris founded @EarthPaint in 2013 to solve three big problems. The first was a resource problem. There wasn’t a readily available option for reusing the thousands of conta

Episode #18 Combating Cyber Crime -A Complete Approach to Online Privacy & Digital Security-The best protection is prevention.
March 24, 2021

For all its advantages, increased connectivity brings inherent risks of theft, fraud, and abuse. As we become more reliant on modern technology, we also become more susceptible to hacking, security breaches, phishing, social media fraud, privacy infringem

Episode #17 Using Microscopic Tools to Eliminate Pollution
March 10, 2021

Working Without Waste Episode #17 guest is Tim Repas, President of Fixed Earth. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Fixed Earth rebuilds ecosystems using microscopic tools to do everything from removing difficult pollution all the way to enhancing th

Episode #16 Thorough, Convenient & Cost-Effective Online Annual RCRA Hazardous Waste Training Course
February 24, 2021

Episode #16’s guest is Mike Altmayer. Mike is the Safety &Training and Hazardous Waste expert at ERC Midwest. He's a guy who knows hazardous waste. With Mike's guidance, ERC Midwest recently launched an online RCRA Hazardous Waste Training c

Episode #15 The Life Cycle of Wastewater. A modern guide to treating industrial wastewater with guest Zach Marlin
February 10, 2021

Episode #15’s guest is Zach Marlin. Zach is the Transportation & Treatment Group Director at ERC Midwest and the author of ERC Midwest’s Newest eBook titled “The Lifecycle of Wastewater”. In this episode, we talk about industrial wastewater treatment.