From Ring To Revenue The Wedding Business Podcast

From Ring To Revenue The Wedding Business Podcast

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Your Failsafe Guide to Measuring Your Wedding Business Success // Wedding Business Podcast
September 04, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Taylor cover how to measure the success of your business. Tayler is a marketing consultant and small business builder. You might already be familiar with one of her companies TAYLRD Media and Designs and Sourced Co. We ha

How Event Tech Tools Can Transform Your Client's Experience // Wedding Business Podcast
August 21, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Randi cover the awesome innovation of technology into your business. Randi is the founder and CEO of Merri, a collaborative software company that bridges the gap between event professionals through immersive 3D technology

Time to Niche Down // Wedding Business Podcast
August 07, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Margaux cover the importance of niching down in your market. Margaux is the owner and creative director of Harmony Creative Studio, an award-winning boutique wedding firm in Los Angeles, CA. Margaux serves as a wedding bu

Building Fruitful Referral Relationships // Wedding Business Podcast
July 24, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Shannon cover building fruitful relationships in your market. Shanon is an awesome speaker, I met her at NACE Evolve and knew she would be an awesome guest. We discussed all kinds of tips and expert advice, grab a pen. Be

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?! // Wedding Business Podcast
July 10, 2023

This week, Phillip and Leah cover how to navigate the worst possible events and when to use an attorney. We talk about different scenarios and funny things that have happened to us. We did have some technical difficulties with Britts audio and I had to re

Breaking into the Luxury Wedding Market \\ Wedding Business Podcast
June 26, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Kyle cover breaking into the luxury wedding market. Kyle is a friend and we had a blast with this episode, we also left all of it in. Just for Kyle. Be sure to keep up with Kyle on Instagram @backstoryfilms and check out

The Pitfalls Of Perfection With Renée Dalo // Wedding Business Podcast
June 05, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Rene cover the pitfalls of perfection and how it is not attainable. Be sure to keep up with Rene on Instagram @reneedalo, check out her website or request for her to speak at your next speaking engagement

Tales Of A Tax Audit Our Lessons Learned // Wedding Business Podcast
May 19, 2023

Today I am talking about our state audit because it is finished. No Britt though, she was off with the kiddos. Use the link below to get to our Memorial Day Sale on the course! Get the course here:**Links m

Don't PDF and Pray With Sam Jacobson // Wedding Business Podcast
May 08, 2023

This week, Phillip, Brittany, and Sam cover a lot of ground lol. We talk about website copy, discovery calls, bookings, and we try to dispel a lot of myths out there. I am big fan of Sam and was super stoked to have him on. Check them out on instagram @id

Unlocking Your Small Business Potential: Our Keys to Success // Course Launch! // Wedding Business Podcast
May 02, 2023

In todays episode Brittany and I talk about some of our keys to running a successful wedding business. To run a successful small business, it's important to start with a solid plan, build a strong brand, and implement effective marketing strategies t