Ritual Común Con Tí

Ritual Común Con Tí

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Breathing To Heal: Ana Lilia Shares!
August 16, 2021

Nicole and Misha sit down with Ana Lilia! She is a talented breath-work teacher and Latina Healer! She uses her many gifts to guide others into their transformation path. Ana Lilia chats with us about

Empowered Soul: Cat Black Shares
August 04, 2021

Nicole and Misha speak to the ever so talented and beautiful Cat Black! Cat shares her story of self-discovery and empowerment. She shares tips on how to get back on track when your healing journey ta

Shine A Light on Strength
July 01, 2021

Nicole and Misha explore how they discovered their own resiliency, and the way that other in our community make the shift from focusing on trauma to strength. We discuss difficulties, and techniques t

The Art of Writing: Claudia's Journey of Self-care
December 20, 2020

Misha and Nicole spend some time with Claudia a writer, artist, and badass human being. The daughter of a migrant farmworker turned UAW shop steward and a backyard poodle breeder, Claudia Holm was bor

Fostering Self-Care: Melissa Honest Take
December 05, 2020

Nicole and Misha speak to Melissa Barrios, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Domestic Violence Professional, Reiki Practitioner, and part-time candlemaker in Chicago. She blesses us with her

It's All About Self-Care: Nicole & Misha Share
November 18, 2020

Nicole and Misha share their journeys of seld-care. Two radically different stories with the same lesson- SELF LOVE!

Making Your Way Back to Self: Makana is Back
October 23, 2020

Nicole and Misha are back with MAKANA! Makana is a hip-hop artist with a unique sound that fuses a wide array of genres such as reggae, trap, and pop. Experimentation is at the forefront of her creati

The Healing Journey of Transformation - A Mystic's Take
October 15, 2020

Nicole and Misha chat with Clair Summer, a modern mystic, feminine energy teacher, writer, self-proclaimed basic witch, and host of the popular YouTube channel, Lumière. As an intuitive guide and taro

Healing Black Male Grief: Dr. Lipscomb's Insights
October 08, 2020

Nicole and Misha chat with Dr. Lipscomb, Psy.D, MSW. He specializes in providing anti-oppressive and inclusive mental health services to individuals, children, youth, and families of color. Dr. Lipsco

Choosing Forgiveness: Durga Dasi's Take
October 01, 2020

Nicole and Misha talk to Durgā Dasi, a trauma-conscious student, and teacher of Yoga (asana, meditation, kirtan, and yogic philosophy). She also offers intuitive spiritual guidance, somatic counseling