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E208: Stress, Depression and Our Eating Habits
April 12, 2024

We do the same thing with our diet that we do with our drinking- our eating habits aren’t great, but they’re not bad either so it feels manageable. Our food quality impacts our mental health and stress levels though. I’ve been struggling with fatigue and

E207: 15 Milestones to Look Forward to in Sobriety (Sober Timeline)
April 09, 2024

There are lots of great things that happen when you quit drinking, but we can get distracted by wanting everything to be easy and perfect. In this episode Im sharing 15 things you can look forward to from day 2 to years of sobriety. Wherever youre at in

E206: HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
April 05, 2024

Youve probably heard of the acronym HALT, hungry, angry, lonely, tired. These are all triggers for relapse because they influence our ability to think things through and wait. These feelings make us impulsive, overwhelmed, and more likely to go for an in

E205: Kindling in Alcohol Withdrawal
April 02, 2024

For some of us, each time we go through withdrawal, the next withdrawal is worse. This is called kindling and in this episode Im explaining what kindling is and how it happens. Youll learn why we get withdrawal symptoms when we quit drinking, what delir

E204: Can Anyone Get Addicted to Alcohol?
March 29, 2024

Is everyone on the slow path towards addiction? Are all moderate drinkers a little bit addicted? We know alcohol is an addictive substance that gets us hooked and then changes our brains to keep us hooked, but why does this process even start? In this epi

E203: Why You Still Want Alcohol Even When You Hate It (It’s Dopamine!)
March 26, 2024

Drinking stops being fun and enjoyable, but we continue to do it anyway. Why is this? We know it makes us miserable and we want to stop, but by 4pm or after a few days or weeks of sober time we talk ourselves back into it. In this episode you’ll learn abo

E202: WTF is “The Work”?
March 22, 2024

I talk about doing the work a lot on this podcast, so lets talk about what that work is. In this episode Ill explain what the work is, roadblocks to doing the work, how you can get started and detours to be aware of on the journey. Youll learn about

E201: Your Dysregulated Stress Response
March 19, 2024

This episode is everything you need to know about cortisol, stress and alcohol. Ill explain how our stress system adapts to both chronic stress and chronic heavy drinking, how multiple cycles of withdrawal impacts this adaptation, how this causes more cr

E200: My Greatest Shame
March 15, 2024

The moment that should have been my rock bottom, but wasnt. I never thought Id share this story, but I realized recently that this story doesnt have any power over me anymore. Shame was a big problem for me during my drinking and when I got sober. I th

E199: Frustration Tolerance
March 12, 2024

Your ability to tolerate frustration can make your life easier or it can make it harder. For most of my life I made things harder for myself. In this episode Im explaining what frustration tolerance is, some interesting studies on emotion regulation, how