Speak On It!

Speak On It!

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we're spiraling
September 28, 2020

hello hello hello? are you at your wits' end with the ongoing pandemic/general chaos that 2020 keeps bringing? same here! take your mind off the flaming dumpster that is 2020 by listening to us debate whether folklore is a good album and whether musicals

power thoughts from some power thots
September 14, 2020

hello hello hello! let us tell you, lovely listeners, this episode has been on a whole entire JOURNEY. she has evolved from a fun little segment/mini ep to a full fledged, rant-filled ep about (quite literally) anything and everything, so grab your favori

we promise we're not psychopaths,,,probably
August 30, 2020

hello hello hello! we are back back back again and getting into some ~spooky stuff~ today. staying very on brand for us, we cover a whole bunch of random topics, including our favorite true crime docs, why we stan the winchester mystery house, graveyard s

the vibes are off everywhere
August 22, 2020

hello hello hello! today we’re exposing ourselves and revealing our true superstitious, astrology invested selves. in addition, we discuss spirituality, whether or not we believe in karma, ouija boards, and the validity of horoscopes. happy listening and

sell me on it!
August 09, 2020

hello hello hello! so sorry to all our lovely listeners for the delay in releasing this episode, but we think this ep should be well worth the wait! we decided to take our sell me on it segment and turn it into an episode theme. among other things, we ran

enough beautiful loaves for EVERYONE
July 20, 2020

hello hello hello! we are back again and ready to share our tips and resources to help all you lovely listeners on your own self love journeys. we also go off on some crazy tangents bc, knowing us, ofc we did!

have your cake and eat it too!
July 13, 2020

hello hello hello! in the first part of our first ever two parter, we are tackling body image and discussing all the problems associated with diet culture. among other things, we share our personal journeys concerning body image, rant about how infuriatin

the great gum gambit
July 05, 2020

hello hello hello! julia and emilee are back and ready to share all their killer advice for high school students, for everybody from nervous freshmen to seniors stressed about college apps. today we take a deep dive into avoiding schedule stress, dealing

the bar is so low, we can only go up from here!
June 25, 2020

hello hello hello! this is julia and emilee, two recent high school graduates who are straight outta high school but also stuck in the house. in our very first ever podcast episode, brought to you by our crippling quarantine boredom, we cover the struggle