Pressing Beyond

Pressing Beyond

Latest Episodes

A Dream On Hold
June 12, 2024

A dream that seems impossible can be six degrees away.

The Watchdog
February 28, 2024

How the Truman Committee Battled Corruption and Helped Win World War Two

A New Year, A New Word
December 27, 2023

Serenity for the new year.

Let Yourself Be Loved: Big Lessons from a Little Life
November 15, 2023

There is beauty in suffering.

Aggressively Human
October 18, 2023

Steve Wright....his challenge on the field was no match to the growth he tackled off the field.

Restore 22
August 23, 2023

We will never be able to give back what we owe.

Enlightened Leadership
July 19, 2023

Leadership is more than a professional track. It's about leading through personal stories.

Book Singing
July 12, 2023

Not a book signing but a book singing.

New Directions
June 07, 2023

A local stage circling the globe.

The Only Way Out is Through
May 10, 2023

Losing one's greatest love can be the greatest motivator.