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Strategic Scissors Episode 5
August 11, 2020

A shorter episode, but we briefly go over some changes coming to the game! As well as an upcoming friendship tournament! I'm also getting into league of legends shoutcasting, you can catch all this at my twitch.'

Strategic Scissors 4! Shoutcast Guest - Boomerang!
July 08, 2020

Welcome to the next episode of Strategic Scissors…

Strategic Scissors Interview! Elwinner - Rayguard
June 30, 2020

In this track we interview a player from the Rayg…

Strategic Scissors Episode 3
June 25, 2020

The Third Episode of the Strategic Scissors Podca…

Strategic Scissors Episode 2
June 19, 2020

Episode 2 of my podcast series Strategic Scissors!

June 14, 2020

Langrisser by Mr.Scissors