There Are No Girls on the Internet

There Are No Girls on the Internet

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Tom Holland should speak up in Romeo + Juliet harassment; Eclipse 2024!; No politics on Instagram?; Fake podcasts exposed! – NEWS ROUNDUP
April 12, 2024

Romeo & Juliet theatre star suffers barrage of online racial abuse: Holland Urged to Speak Out After Nearly 900 Black Actors Condemn

Zoom drops (maybe?) AI training policies; Black pregnant women arrested by facial recognition; Twitter CEO (kind of?) Linda Yaccarino gives first big interview; Did Elon ever pay those creators? — NEWS ROUNDUP
August 11, 2023

The role of misogynoir and disinformation in the Tory Lanez trial: the story on Jane Friedman, the author AI impersonated- Amazon author AI counterfeit books:

What the History of Autotune Tells Us About the Future of AI
August 08, 2023

It's the 50th anniversary of hip hop, and thats a great opportunity for Bridget to dig into one of her favorite subjects to nerd out about: trends in audio. In this episode, she breaks down the history of auto-tune. Today its incredibly common, but when

Henrietta Lacks’ family gets justice; Professional hater targets grants for Black business women; Facebook pulls news in Canada; Online porn privacy update in Utah and Arkansas, Attenzione! New TikTok milkshake duck just dropped; Uber CEO has no i
August 04, 2023

Henrietta Lacks family settles lawsuit with a biotech company that used her cells without consent: CEO balks after a reporter tells him t

Introducing: The Laverne Cox Show Season 2
August 02, 2023

Listen up, TANGOTI fans!Shondaland Audio and iHeartPodcasts have some exciting news, The Laverne Cox Show is back for season two. Get a spiritual makeover each week as actress and activist Laverne Cox goes with her guests. We think you'll want to hear th

Johnny Depp case sets standard; Texas A&M President Hiring Fiasco; Senate Bills Save the Children; Google’s Anti-Climate Cash-In; Twitter is X and X gone give it to you — NEWS ROUNDUP
August 01, 2023

We were off last week while Bridget recovered from surgery. But dont feel bad for her, shes been screwing up emails for 6 months and she is sorry for that. Send more emails to Bridget at hello@tangoti.comTexas A&M president resigns over "controver

Lena Dunham and the cruel lie that just won’t die — BEST OF TANGOTI
July 28, 2023

Lena Dunham is in the news, which means a particularly sticky misleading claim about her is, too. We have no strong position on Lena Dunham, but we are solidly against misleading claims.In this best-of episode from last year, Bridget sits down with produ

Moral panic over trafficking gets a movie; The writer who criticized it gets death threats. Interview with Rolling Stone’s Miles Klee
July 25, 2023

Rolling Stones Miles Klee has become a target of an extremist harassment campaign after publishing a review of the new movie Sound of Freedom.Sound Of Freedom Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms

Threads is flopping because Facebook is brand-safe and deeply unsexy; Elon Musk ghosts Kenyan staff; AI bot Harriet Tubman; Gamer guys mad about women in soccer; Misogynoir sinks White House cyber security director; Don’t bring your phone to this
July 21, 2023


Elizabeth Holmes works the press like a pro
July 19, 2023

The disgraced CEO of Theranos, the scam blood testing company, built her career with savvy press moves. Now shes headed to prison, but not before doing a flashy New York Times Magazine profile on the way in. Bridget talks with legendary media OG Lea Gold