Insider Trading Podcast

Insider Trading Podcast

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Ep 23: Blood in Dilbert's Eye (w/ Bruce @gudkidglasscity)
December 17, 2020

Our long-awaited Bruce episode is here. Stream to join the revolution. 

Ep 22: Sexual Alchemy
December 10, 2020

Our hottest episode yet

Ep 21: Welcome to the Mii Parade
December 03, 2020

smart bed... thoughts?

Ep 20: American Sniper 2 (w/ Wasp Factory @wasp_factory)
November 15, 2020

We talked with Columbus band Wasp Factory and had a good time. Yeah!!!

Ep 19: Sleepy Joe DOW Drop???
November 08, 2020

Election Special: live from an alternate universe

Ep 18: Tales To Give You Goosebumps
October 29, 2020

we each wrote a scary story!! happy halloweenie

Ep 17: Knuck If You BuckeyeThon
October 22, 2020

Click here to make a donation For The Kids:

Ep 16: The Witten Report (w/ Witten @gaywithyourdad)
October 15, 2020

Part wolf part kitten.

Ep 15: The St. X Special - Part 1 (w/ Owen @ofaulsy)
October 08, 2020

Explore the hallowed halls of St. Xavier High School with us and Owen. Donate to the Walk for X here:

Ep 14: Dude, Where's My Appendix?
October 01, 2020

RIP Adam Sometimes it feels like he's still here recording with us