Cherish or Perish

Cherish or Perish

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Episode 95- Connie & Carla
April 18, 2024

In this madcap and musical episode, Desirae and Amanda try their hardest to prioritize kindness, give good feedback, and be on their very best behavior. Plus, brain balms, Mary is a real Anne, and way too much Jeff! Movie chat starts at about 6:00 We’re s

Episode 94- The Peacemaker
March 26, 2024

In this geopolitically thrilling episode, Desirae reports on a lesbian-free lesbian film, Amanda does an absolutely rotten segue, and our hosts show a little Kristen Stewart appreciation. Plus! An open invitation to George Clooney to come on the show to c

Episode 93- The Quick & the Dead
February 23, 2024

In this dusty n gritty episode, Desirae has an idea to save the cinema, Amanda finds a great bad movie, and everyone should start drinking more to save the world! Plus, You can take the Gene Hackman out of Metropolis, but you cant take the Lex Luthor ou

Episode 92- My Best Friend's Wedding
February 09, 2024

In this pick-me-girl of an episode, we got TRAITOR TALK! Amanda and Desirae still cant get Dylan McDermott Mulroney Everett right, love Cameron Diaz, and do the math on age gap relationships. Plus! Gay best friends need to unionize, Sports magazine, Chic

Episode 91- 10 Things I Hate About You
January 22, 2024

Happy 2024, Cherishlings! Amanda & Desirae are back and bursting with energy, ready to take to task the movies of yesteryear and truly decide: shall they remain cherished, or shall they PERISH?!In this Seattle-centric Y2K-era episode, our hosts ask: 

Episode 90- Skeleton Key
November 08, 2023

In this long-delayed episode, Amanda and Desirae discuss incenstuous dating shows, disasters to befall New Orleans, main character footwear, and the belovedness of the Getting Ready Montage. Plus! Pre-release thoughts on ‘Barbie’ (precious!), Amanda mispr

Episode 90.5- BONUS! Skeleton Key Watch Along
November 08, 2023

Skeleton Key Watch Along! Kick back with Amanda, Desirae, their very patient spouses, and a mountain of snacks to watch the movie before listening to the episode- its just like being there, complete with TumTum making a racket!

Josie & The Pussycats
June 12, 2023

On this rockin episode, Amanda and Desirae take a whirlwind tour through audio vogueing, badvertising, what reality shows they would thrive on, and the unparalleled cringe of Facebook Memories. PLUS! Take the Evil Dead Rise Challenge: are you Team Desira

Episode 88- Kill Bill Vol. I & II
May 11, 2023

On this vengeance tale of an episode, Desirae and Amanda go deep on all the gossip, conjecture, and bloodshed of Quentin Tarantino's early aughts double header Kill Bill. Plus! Amanda is obsessed with Mamma Mia!, Desirae has some theories, and welcom

Episode 87- Fallen & John Q
April 13, 2023

On this otolaryngological episode, Amandas sinuses are a mess, Desirae can listen faster than a normal human, and its the Denzel-aissance! We give a shout out to our stalkers, talk AT LENGTH about the Oscars (so timely!), and provide confusing cat advic