Pretty Sure Nothing's Wrong With You

Pretty Sure Nothing's Wrong With You

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Are You Ready to Take a Brave Leap Sideways?! -- With Cathlyn Melvin
March 09, 2022

This week we are joined by Copywriter and TEDx coach, Cathlyn Melvin. You are going to LOVE her story and how she powerfully took a brave leap out of what wasn't serving her! Her story and message perfectly align with everything Pretty Sure We Can Do

Feel Better and More Free by UpLeveling Your Nutrition -- With Aubree Seaman
February 09, 2022

This week we are joined by Functional Nutrition and Health Coach, Aubree Seaman. On this episode we discuss how getting your mindset and nutrition in order can give you so much more energy, so much less worry, and an overall greater sense of freedom in yo

Freedom in Sharing Your Own Story: Coming Out as a Gay Black Man -- Storytelling with Paul Best (Part 2)
December 22, 2021

Being able to be truly authentic every day is one of the most liberating things in the world!What a gift to be joined by Paul D Best again in this episode! Paul shares his story of stepping into his authenticity by coming out as a gay black man. First to

Know and Share Your History So You Can Free Yourself and Future Generations! -- Storytelling with Paul D. Best (Part 1)
December 08, 2021

You have inherited trauma! We ALL have inherited trauma. Most have us have never thought about that fact. We don't realize that trauma passed down through the generations can transform us even at a DNA level. That's why knowing where you come fr

Pretty Sure Productivity Can Be Pleasurable and Fun!
November 18, 2021

Let's flip productivity on its head and instead of thinking about it being linear, structured, and all about go go go...let's think of it as pleasure and fun. If you haven't been feeling productive lately, this will give you ideas for feeli

Lean into What Lights You up and Enjoy Each Step of the Way -- With Aj Morrison
November 10, 2021

Ready to hear a story of a brave human leaning into what feels right and what lights him up? You will love AJ's story because it's so relatable to what we all go through as we navigate our own journey to a life full of happiness and purpose. Doe

Little by Little You Will Build Your Ideal Schedule -- With Marissa Watson
October 27, 2021

Today we are joined by one of my lifelong friends, Marissa (Missy) Watson. What I love about Missy's story is that she and her husband Kyle have really supported each other well as they balance work and family life. They have each taken turns staying

Two Strangers, One Life-Changing Interaction -- With Kate Wadle and Mark Latta
September 22, 2021

Today we are joined by two strangers, Kate and Mark, who had a text exchange that changed Kate's life. Kate was working for a company and didn't enjoy her job. For that job, she texted Mark asking if he was wanting to sell his house. Tune in to

Decide What You Want and Send Your Brain on a Hunt to Figure It Out -- With Meg Gluckman
September 08, 2021

Meg Gluckman is a life and business coach. In this episode, she shares her journey from having the thought "I want a job where I can be home with my kids after school" to investing in herself and making it happen. We discussed in this episode:--

Pretty Sure You CAN Make It as a Full-Time Artist -- With Jennifer Meeker
August 25, 2021

This week we are joined by ceramicist Jennifer Meeker! Jennifer is an amazing woman who is proof that you make a wonderful living as a full-time artist and you will absolutely love her work and her story.In this episode we discuss:How she got started in c