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Living Creatures Savannah

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Illustrator Braelyn Snow Shares the Life and Message of Saint Faustina
January 14, 2023

Illustrator Braelyn Snow talks about her work and participation in a children's book project that shares the life of Saint Faustina through poetry and pictures. The name of the book is "Faustina: A Saints Story for Children" by Kaitlyn C.

The Art of Advent 2022
November 24, 2022

Fr. Jonathan Jameson previews the "Art of Advent" series hosted by St. John's Episcopal Church (Savannah).

Dreamhouse Studio's Allison Hall: Art and Community in the Starland District
July 06, 2022

Alison Hall is a resident artist with Starlands Dreamhouse studio. In this interview, Allison (aka "Small Creative") talks about her formative years in Texas, her experience as an illustration student at SCAD, her craft and hustle as a profess

Local Author Lance Levens
June 01, 2022

Fiction writer Lance Levens discusses his latest novel entitled "Foul Purity" and the craft of conveying his Christian faith through the "who-done-it" genre.

Carl Fougerousse: Creating Sacred Art and Fostering Vocational Community at Red Fern Studio
April 26, 2022

Carl G. Fougerousse is the Owner and Lead Artist at Red Fern Studio in Savannah. Carl founded Red Fern to execute ecclesiastical works steeped in the tradition of Catholic figurative and decorative art.The studio engages a community of artists and artis

Fritz Rumpel, Playwriting as Avocation, and Bringing Suzy King Taylor's Story to the Stage
January 29, 2022

Lorrie and Fritz Rumpel have a dream for Savannah. They have written a play about Suzy King Taylor and they are working to bring the play to life at the Savannah Cultural Center this May. They need community support to make that happen and they are ste

Gene Pinion: Savannah's Ambassador of Sacred Harp Music
January 10, 2022

The Coastal Empire's Gene Pinion sits down with Brian Dennison to offer a brief introduction to the joys of "Shape Note" signing and how to join in this longstanding tradition in Savannah and our extended neck of the woods.  A slightly diff

Part 2: Interview with Aaron Belz, A Poet's Post-Savannah Dispatch
January 08, 2022

In this second half of my interview with poet Aaron Belz, we take a deeper dive into poetry. Aaron offers his take on the poem read at the Biden Inauguration, discusses domestic poetry policy, makes poetry recommendations based on Amazon purchases and re

Part 1: Interview with Aaron Belz, A Poet's Post-Savannah Dispatch
January 08, 2022

Wordsmith extraordinaire Aaron Belz is a punchy and pithy poet. In books like Soft Launch and Glitter Bomb, Aaron supplies spoonfuls of guffaw-rendering humor that coats poignant moments of pathos and human-reckoning. Although he was not in Savannah

Donkey Talk with Jon Dunham: Judas and "Au Hasard Balthazar"
June 25, 2020

An interview with Jon Dunham about the depiction of a donkey in Robert Bresson's 1966 film "Au Hasard Balthazar."