The Whisper Meetings

The Whisper Meetings

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Remember When We Partied with Aliens, Barbie, and Ken?
August 24, 2023

That one time we gather for our UNOFFICIAL SEASON FOUR FINALE! We discuss season four and our season five plans as of right now. After a longer season than usual, we are ready for a much needed break. You’re going to miss us, for sure. Check out our YouT

You Can’t Sit With Us!
August 17, 2023

That one time we list some of our icks of life and discuss in depth why they are our icks. Fun fact, we arent sure where you can sit, but its definitely not with the Plastics. Why is her hair so big? Its full of secrets and icks.Check out our YouTube

Those Food Hacks Though
August 10, 2023

That one time Tryston has some food hacks for us to try out. Fun fact, he made a rule when this started that there was no food allowedfunny how the times change, isnt it? Some of these have us shook.Check out our YouTube Cannel!Check out our Merch!

Hot Mess Skank Express (feat. Jessica)
August 03, 2023

That one time we have Bris sister, Jessica, back for another round of nonsense! With the poop knife in hand, our sh!t-show might be able to get straight. The sisters talk about their latest adventure and some spiritual topics.Check out our YouTube chan

You Want Thingamabobs? We Got 20!
July 27, 2023

That one time we go under the sea to discuss everything below and above sea level. There may be some salt in this breeze, but thats fine. Check out our YouTube Channel!Check out our Merch!

Wax, & Island, & Cars Oh My!
July 20, 2023

That one time we return from a recording hiatus to recap everything that you missed starting out the summer. And thats what you missed on Whispers for Daddy.Check out our YouTube Cannel Check out our Merch!

Love Those Points for You (feat. Erienne)
July 13, 2023

That one time Erienne came back to discuss her point system with the collective while we come up with the first words that come to mind. We also get to know the collective a little bit more deeply with some group questions. Check out our YouTube Channel!

Drugs, Biscuits, and Conspiracies (feat. Erienne)
July 06, 2023

That one time we invite another one of our special guests, Erienne, back for some wild conspiracies about some wild topics.Check out our YouTube Channel!Check out our Mech!

20 Questions with Kailea
June 29, 2023

That one time we do a round of 20 random and hilarious questions with Kailea to see what kind of responses she can come up with as well as the collective.Check out our YouTube Channel!Check out our merch!

Kailea’s Guide to Festivals
June 22, 2023

That one time we ask Kailea the hard-hitting questions about the festivals she attends since festival season is upon us. We learned a lot about festivals and what we should bring with us to one.Check out our YouTube Channel!Check out our merch!