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Manifest 2021
December 29, 2020

As we close out 2020, today’s full moon energies give you an opportunity to get a full view as to what you want to see take place in your life in the year 2021. Kimi speaks about the importance of the full moon in Cancer‘s powerful energies and how we can

Freedom, Love, and Self Expression
December 15, 2020

In this weeks episode Kimi talks about how Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Aquarius its giving us a chance to have a clean slate and to start fresh. This months solar eclipse is giving us a chance to revamp our lives for the next 2.5 years. So Grab a cup of

Retrograde Ranting: Episode 1
June 25, 2020

In this episode of Cosmic Blvd, Kimi Cosmo talks about the effects of these crazy retrograde transits! Are you feeling stuck at this time? Are the spirits asking you to start a new path while the cosmos is traveling backwards? Tune in as we rant what it