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Jbreezy Podcast

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You Are Not Disciplined
June 21, 2020

I want to teach you guys about disciplined and how not being disciplined can affect your success. Write down notes and apply!!

Producer Vs Consumer
June 15, 2020

I am going to break down a producer mindset vs a consumer mindset. Get out of that poverty mindset and get into the wealthy mentality. Be an ATM don't be the one that is at the ATM.

Value vs Significant Value
June 12, 2020

I'm going to teach you about the value and how you might have value in your house business etc, but you are not bringing significant value to what you are doing. My goal is to get you to see what you are LACKING and bring significant value to what you...

Where Do You Stand
June 06, 2020

With 2020 starting off bad as it did, we have to continue to push forward when things are tough. Protesting is happing and we need to know our role in how we going to get justice.