Actually, I Can

Actually, I Can

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12 // Julia Robleski: No Fear February
February 22, 2021

No Fear February is an act of courage and perseverance when you hear about it from Julia Robleski, food blogger, influencer, cook book author and current college student. Julia battled and overcame an eating disorder and now finds creativity and joy in sh

11 // Peter Welle (Part Two): A different kind of teacher
January 15, 2021

Realizing that theres a new way of doing something, when youre already a legitimate expert, is a daunting notion! But Peter Welle took a big leap and learned how to transform his approach to teach students not just to ace the standardized exam, but to h

10 // Peter Welle: Brave new world of teaching during a pandemic
January 07, 2021

High school teacher Peter Welle has been teaching in-person since August and shares what its like to teach in a pandemic. Hear what its like to accomplish important things, like building classroom culture and supporting students emotional health, all w

2.4 // Pamela Strommen: No Matter the Circumstances
December 26, 2020

Losing your husband suddenly, and in the prime of his life,  is shocking and terrible. Coming to grips with the “W” word, Pamela Strommen is finding ways to not just cope – but to live a life filled with joy and hope while still honoring and lov

2.2 // Moriah Kuehl: Invitations, Farming and Being a Middle
November 27, 2020

Moriah talks about Hineni, which means “Here am I” in Hebrew. Moriah is attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry ( in Reding, California Moriah’s family and my family have had the privilege of serving with Peruvian Partners in Li

2.1 // Lacey Canfield: Music, horses, cowboys, and dreams coming true!
July 25, 2020

We can’t help but love the amazing and charming Lacey Canfield! Kirsten talks with Nashville’s singer/songwriter about her horses, her music and her passion for encouraging kids to be their best. Grounded in faith and inspired by big dreams, Lacey reveals

Summer Book Recommendations
July 19, 2020

Kirsten shares some of the great books she read during quarantine. There’s something for everyone here, coming of age adventures along the Mighty Mississippi, a courageous enslaved Nigerian, an American immigrant from Palestine and a young biracial girl s

5 // Kristin Robbins: Girls State to State Capitol
July 01, 2020

From her teenage days in #GirlsState, to an elected official in the state legislature, Kristin Robbins joyfully recounts how God’s faithfulness has seen her through to a remarkable political career. Kristin’s unrelenting energy and positivity is contagiou

4 // Anne Egan: Finding peace in the darkness
June 15, 2020

A breast cancer diagnoses is a terribly scary thing to receive, and the journey that follows is full of ups and downs. Anne Egan discovered however that walking through a valley can also be a mountaintop experience and shares with listeners lessons learne

3 // Emily Maxson: Eat, heal, thrive
June 08, 2020

Kirsten Galloway talks with mom, chef and #Crohns Disease survivor Emily Maxson about her journey to #FoodFreedom. Emily took her education in culinary arts to a new level with a commitment to a challenging new food regimen but through it all overcame a d