What Dreams Are Made Of: A Lizzie Podcast

What Dreams Are Made Of: A Lizzie Podcast

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Ep 32 - We're Back!!
February 15, 2022

Wow! That was quite the break we took.. hehe. But now we're back and feeling good! On this episode we take the time to explain what has been going on, and we answer a few questions from some friends. So happy to be here again! (As I'm typing this my 2 yea

Ep 31 - Diarrhea
June 18, 2021

Hi friends. This episode we give a bit of a life update and explain why episodes will be coming out less frequently. Hoping it doesn't stay like this for too long, but thank you for being a part of this and supporting us either way. Also in this ep we sha

Ep 30 - Gordo and the Dwarves
May 24, 2021

Wow we're here! Yaaay! This episode is an interesting one. Gordo gets himself sucked into the world of D&D, except it's not D&D it's like Dwarf Lord or something. During the episode we talk about a song I've been really into these days, how tired

Ep 29 - Scarlett Larry
April 23, 2021

Welp. Here we are with one of the first really problematic episodes. There have been problematic moments and things said in previous episodes, but this might be the first time I have thought just the whole entire episode is sketch. There are still some gr

Ep 28 - Cooper's Birth Story
April 11, 2021

Hello friends! This episode is very special to me because it's all about Cooper being born! Our boy turns 2 the day after this is published and I thought it would be fun to dedicate this to him. I personally love reading and hearing birth stories, so I ho

Ep 27 - Facts of Life
March 22, 2021

Hi! I'm not really knowing what to say that's funny or clever.... So I'll just keep it simple. This episode is about Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo competing in their school's Factathalon, and their usual substitute teacher Mr. Digg is their faculty advisor th

Ep 26 - Last Year's Model
March 07, 2021

Ayyy! You know, sometimes we publish episodes one, maybe even two, days late. We like to keep people on their toes. Not really, but sometimes your girl lets life get the best of her. Anyway, here we are with a new episode! It's actually one of my favorite

Ep 25 - The Puddle of Mudd Episode
February 19, 2021

Is this episode all about the hit 90's band Puddle of Mudd? Or is it about when a director named Stan Jansen comes to Lizzie's middle school to film a documentary and decides Gordo is his lead? We may never know. 

Ep 24 - Lizzie Strikes Out
February 06, 2021

Ello! Saying that in a British accent in my head because I'm watching GBBO while writing this. And we all know GBBO and Lizzie McGuire go hand in hand. So! This week the hubs and I recap the episode where Lizzie has plans to go bowling with friends which

Ep 23 - Educating Ethan
January 22, 2021

Hi friends! This week we talk about the episode where Gordo becomes Ethan's math tutor, and Lizzie and Miranda want to get in on the action. Gordo gets upset at the girls because they essentially "use him" to get close to Ethan, but along the way, we find