Eloping with the Truth

Eloping with the Truth

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3.4 BHM: Representation
November 01, 2022

Is this episode 2 weeks late... yes. Did Black History Month end yesterday....Yes. Is the topic still relevant....yes. Listen and let us know what you think

3.3 BHM: Bias
October 13, 2022

Heya, back with another episode for this series with the amazing Hadeal.

3.2 BHM: Pan Africanism
October 06, 2022

Hi guys, for Black History Month I've (Joyce) sat down with the lovely Hadeal to do a 3 part series and in this episode we discuss Pan Africanism and the relevance of this movement in the modern day. We've included Pan Africanism in the "al

Big small talk #2
April 25, 2022

Hi this was a really spontaneous episode to record - As usual it was a pleasure to meet another amazing human being

Big small talk #1
April 18, 2022

Hi guys in this new series, Big small talk, either I or Anna sit down with a stranger and have a candid conversation surrounding there lived experiences.Note: the audio gets better after the first 14 minutes due to a delivery.This episode was really fun

3.1 Fashion: Ethics, Creating a brand and Personal health with Kaan
April 04, 2022

Ever wanted an insight in to the day to day life of a young adult busy changing the game and raising the standards of sustainability with their own business? Well join us for this episode where we interview Kaan Amjad, a london based fashion designer and

2.5 Insectionality and Feminism
March 25, 2021

Feminism, why has the movement lost popularity? How should our understanding of intersectionality influence activism? What is the difference between equality and equity and which should we be striving for? We address these and more in this episode with Jo

2.4 Colourism from a male perspective
February 18, 2021

Last episodes discussion on colourism highlighted that experiencing it can vary based on gender as well as other geographical and social factors. So in order to gain more insight and a different perspective, we decided to continue this conversation with

2.3 Colourism from a female perspective
February 09, 2021

In this episode we discuss the topic of Colourism and its application in everyday life along with our experiences and opinions as teenagers. Whilst we all have a basic understanding of racism - Colourism is still a fairly new concept and topic of conversa

2.2 Get to know us - a candid reflection on friendship and self development
January 19, 2021

Hi guys this episode is a bit different - Anna and I get candid about our friendship and how we became the people we are today.Intro music taken from baked beans and face plates by Miwa Jaya.