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podcast S2 #5 Basic needs and the influence on happiness.
October 11, 2021

This Podcast we talk to Moraki Mokgosana, CEO of Bomaid Botswana. We talk with him about leadership, especially as CEO of a health assurance company in crisis times as we had now. Different stakeholde

Bosswana Talks S2 #4 Crisis or not, what will happen when employees return to work?
September 09, 2021

As it seems that the C19 Crisis comes to an end, Jeroen and Peter question if there actually was a crisis. From there we talk about the consequences for the mental health of people and how it will be

Bosswana Talks S2 #3 - Leadership in the Kgotla, Army and Corporate. Different?
May 27, 2021

In this podcast we talk with Corlize Viljoen. Corlize has been around. In South Africa, Israel, America and back to the roots in Botswana. She was in the army, worked for a big corporate for a while a

Bosswana Talks S2 #2 - How important is emotional intelligence for leadership?
May 02, 2021

Weare happy towelcome our first guest of this season,the very inspiringMrs Veronicah Letlhare. Veronicah isdirector North WestBotswanaof theMinistery of Basic Education. Listen to her view on

Bosswana Talks S2 #1 - We're back!
April 17, 2021

We kick off our second season with a look back to the last 4 months and talk about the circle of trust, crisis management and even the weather.

Bosswana Talks #12 - Bye bye 2020!
December 28, 2020

In our last podcast (12) of this season we look back at 2020, corona and the changes it brought us and will bring us and the boost of creativity.Season 2 is loading very soon. Thanks for listening!

Bosswana Talks #11 - Surround yourself with great people!
December 06, 2020

In our eleventh episode we talk with Dorian Hoy (Regional Managing Director at Great Plains Conservation) about leading by positive encouragement, career planning, conducting interviews and training,

Bosswana Talks #10 - Be a human and listen!
November 15, 2020

In our tenth podcast we talk with Kim Nixon (Managing Director of Wilderness Safaris Botswana) about the influence of culture in leadership, leadership in corona times, that you don't need to be frien

Bosswana Talks #9 - How about education and is stepping back a failure?
October 22, 2020

In our ninth episode we talk about training and education in the hospitality sector for management, why education is better in Gaborone, if we should always promote staff internally and if stepping ba

Bosswana Talks #8 - Is training and spending time with your staff usefull?
September 13, 2020

In our eighth podcast we talk with our first guest, Yvonne Ward-Smith (coach, NLP practitioner, Trainer), about the unique set up of managing a lodge, why involvement of top management and making time