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The Hollow Earth Theory, Worst Embarrasing Moments And Is KSI A True Artist? [EP.1]
June 28, 2021

In todays episode (Hosted By Lewis Clunie) we are joined by our co-host for this episode Roy Jackson ansd we discuss our personal worst and most embarassing moments, we debate about the new trending consipracy theory "The Hollow Earth Theory", which is a

The Worst Things To Exist EVER - EP.2
June 26, 2020

These Are The Worst Things To Exist EVER. In this episode we discuss everything we hate. This could go from THE WORST MOVIE to THE WORST CELEBRITY etc. Today we are joined by James, Ellis, Luke and Ayham. The audio of the guests are is not the greatest bu

My Honest Ratings Of 30 Youtubers - Ep.1
June 12, 2020

In this episode i will be honestly rating 30 different youtubers. DISCLAIMER THESE ARE ALL MY OPINIONS! If you would like a part 2 or suggest some ideas for future podcasts contact me on Twitter @RantThatPodcast My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com

The Rant That Podcast Trailer
June 06, 2020

Welcome To The Rant That Podcast! - In this podcast we will be ranting and debating about different things that have happened in the world of social media! So this could be youtube drama, people being cancelled and overall opinions on certain internet cel