Audio bursts of a business artist

Audio bursts of a business artist

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Decentralise but customise
March 19, 2024

Social media is one way to use your voice. We are in the middle of a disruption from centralised…

Is AI an existential threat?
September 20, 2023

If you ban innovation you stop progress because the learning stops and that's easiest way to add odds to the existential risk category.

Elon Musk
September 20, 2023

Walter Isaacsons book about Elon Musk is full of stories that paint a picture of a billionaire who has

Future of podcasting
May 07, 2023

Is Airchat the future of podcasting? It has the potential to become a new form of social media that has a feel of friendly chats in public.

Nostr takes over
February 26, 2023

How to get started with nostr and why it's taking over the social media space.

From Twitter to Farcaster and Mastodon
November 13, 2022

Where to go from Twitter? Farcaster, Mastodon and Bluesky are serious alternatives to consider.

Decoded and Selling in a Crisis
November 13, 2022

There have always been difficult times and people have survived them. Decoded and Selling in a Crisis give you tools to overcome your hurdles.

Age of Invisible Machines
October 09, 2022

Robb Wilsons latest book, Age of the Invisible Machines, talks about using conversational AI as the interface tool for anything and everything in the hyperautomation ecosystem.

AI disrupting creative and content industries
September 18, 2022

Can machines replace artistic expression? Do ML and AI mean disruption for many current jobs? What's happening next?

Business Edge
September 06, 2022

Business edge is the winning formula that many are seeking but only a few find.