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Giant Rock Podcast

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Dig It All!
March 28, 2023

Spring 2023 of what we have now is co-host Baba Here Love with Jeff Crawford Hosting the Giant Rock Podcast with the spirituality of here and directly. Danny Goldberg, President of Gold Village Entertainment, has worked in the music business as a person

Shrimp Boats of Baba
January 22, 2023

2022 year end that enter the 2023 cycle around Sol again! Conversation of "death" of living in the here and now with seagulls and shrimp boats afloat with Baba.Marcus is on board the boat with Baba Here love is 1st mate aka Lt. Dan along with Je

Shiva's Dance with Yourself
September 30, 2022

Return of Marcus Rummery with Host Jeff Crawford and Baba Here Love! Sunset Blvd, Ozzy's Leftovers and finding a new Island for the baby eating lite who are living on Mount Shasta's underground base for the time being. The Bhagavad Gita and Sh

Music That Will Free Your Mind with a Giggle
August 31, 2022

Jeff Crawford and Baba Here Love discuss the pop culture of the 1980's and the 60's of course with Baba. Plus Jeff thinks that all music is cool, well it all about we like our personal tastes in entertainment. Also with covering UFO's Van T

“Who is All up on Terrence McKenna’s Dick?”
July 29, 2022

Summer 2022 middle of July with subjects that pertain to past experiences and of course the Here and Now! San Francisco night that are part of the cosmic jokes that (Co-Host) Baba Here Love has inspired along with his Captain Host Jeff Crawford. We invit

Love Me Two Times
June 08, 2022

Host Jeff Crawford and Co Host Baba Here Love with first half the show with Ms. Anonymous and second half of the show with Marcus Rummery. This is the second anniversary of Giant Rock Podcast! We discuss Summer of 22 Pop Culture and other very interesting

All The Divine Mother
May 10, 2022

Host Jeff Crawfordand his first mate in the decks of the ship of the Here and Now is Co-Host Baba Here Love! The Divine Mother is the one of many topics we cover with the "woman"! She is the Universe of us all! Howard Beale's World is cove

UFO's and Billionaire's of Oneness
April 19, 2022

Jeff Crawford and Baba Here Love discuss "Living The Illusion" and Elon Musk and other ultra wealthy of ego and seeking comfort in everything. We get in-depth with our UFO experiences from being children's play to adults analytics.  "K

Transmissions of the Middle
March 22, 2022

Giant Rock PodcastWe cover the usual topics and Transmissions of the "breaks" aka the "middle part" according to Baba Here Love. AlsoJeff Crawford (Host) Selected the audio bits that are pieced together into audio design wall for com

The Revolution is Within
March 07, 2022

Discussion of World Peace with humanities turning point of needs of the few that definitely out weigh the needs of the many. Host Jeff Crawford and Co-Host Baba Here Love also discuss pop culture of past films television, music and the the 70's infl