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The Shocking Future of Social Media and How it Impacts Podcasters (Joe Rogan on Elon Musk Taking Over Twitter)
February 24, 2023

Inspired by an idea from the Joe Rogan Experience, in this video I dive into what I the future of Twitter might be. . . . With Elon Musk's recent purchase of the social media giant, the new owners are faced with the challenge of making the platform

The Palm Oil Paradox - Exploring the Controversial Side of Palm Oil: Human Benefits vs. Biodiversity Loss ///
February 10, 2023

Palm oil, the golden elixir of the tropics, is a paradox unlike any other It's a substance that is both a blessing and a curse, a dichotomy that has captivated the world and left it struggling to reconcile the two opposing forces. On one hand, pa

Biohacking in Los Angeles . . . a Literary Journey . . . AUDIOBOOK WORKING DRAFT
February 02, 2023

Hello people, here is a working draft of an audio version of the novel I am currently writing.The book follows my experience observing and experiencing the world of biohacking and self-optimization. I attended a wild conference on these cutting-ed

Unlock the Power of Fasting: How 48+ Hours Can Optimize Your Health and Wellness - My New Years Fasting Protocol
January 28, 2023

Join me on my journey to kickstart the new year with a biohacking twist! In this podcast, I document my 50-hour fast without food to optimize my health and well-being to start 2023!  Fasting for 48 or more hours can be a powerful tool for opti

Rewilding the Arctic: The Role of the Woolly Mammoth in Restoring Ecosystems and Combating Climate Change
January 18, 2023

The recent episode of Joe Rogan's podcast featuring Forrest Galante highlights the potential for woolly mammoths to be brought back from extinction and reintroduced to the Arctic. This is a process known as rewilding, which would help to restore bal

The Joe Rogan Controversy - Twitter Mobs, Elon Musk & Freedom of Speech
May 11, 2021

So I noticed #JoeRogan was trending Twitter. It was a positive feedback loop - a "Twitter Mob" - of people speaking against Joe Rogan giving out health advice, as well as recent conversations regarding the pandemic and lockdowns. This lead peo

the future of retirement - human lifespan, future innovations in tech & investing for "retirement"
April 18, 2021

When you think about retirement you have to consider your framework of the future you're envisioning. Does our current outlook of typical "retirement" take into consideration the following:  Human lifespan increase, new currencies (crypto), fu

futurism investments
March 18, 2021

This is the full audio from a YouTube video that I recently did covering 4 stocks that are on my investing watch list:$NNDM - Nano Dimensions creator of the Dragonfly 3- D Printing Manufacturing systems. $BNGO - Bionano Genomics develops next gener

Electric Buses and Carbon Neutral Graphite Mining for Lithium Ion Batteries - Nouveau Monde & Vicinity Motors EV industry
March 02, 2021

I'm newly investing, putting my money into stocks, into companies that I respect, support and think are doing great work to improve society. Thus, in this podcast, I'm covering 2 companies that I've recently invested in - and will be investing more

up and down ... up and down ... Human Beings & the Stock Market Evolution ... Crash's & Volatility
February 26, 2021

My abstract thoughts about the stock market and human evolution ... Abstractions - What is the purpose of the Stock Market? - Why are humans so volatile? Videos on YouTube: with me