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ZeroToHero Podcast

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Day Four: World Building Done.. For now!
June 07, 2020

On Day Four I finished world buidling and I also laid out my plans for tomorrow's development

Day Three: World Building
June 06, 2020

In this brief episode, We go over the changes to the world and design layout which will offer the player a much more immersive experience! 

Day Two: Setting up SK_Caharcters with UE4 Skeleton
June 05, 2020

In the single button game jam, we've got the SK_Characters from PixelCity and PixelTown working with UE4 Skeleton

Day One: Single Button Game Jam
June 04, 2020

This episode, I'll be going over what I changed from the top down example and some future plans for this two week game jam!