Smile & Wave Boys:How To Survive the Music Industry

Smile & Wave Boys:How To Survive the Music Industry

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Karens and Donalds in 2020
July 27, 2020

With the constant displays of idiocy on our tv screens as people proclaim their rights and freedoms with specious arguments at best (and for most that is being very kind)...well now the rest of Australia can see some of what musicians have to regularly pu

The Joys of Touring Part 1.
June 23, 2020

You know going on a tour with a singer that I have named 'Strutting Peacock' and who shoves footy socks down his pants before going onstage is going to be a story you need to hear! So what's it like to actually go on a tour? Perhaps it is not all that it

Be Humble
June 18, 2020

Most people (especially in Australia) won't put up with the 'Don't you know who I am' routine, so don't bother trying it. And when it comes to being a musician, being willing to constantly learn and grow are very much a part of the whole journey. We can a

Some gigs are not what you expect at all!
June 15, 2020

Some gigs sound great in theory, and then they turn out to be pretty average. And then some sound a little bit out of the ordinary, and then turn out to be some of the best gigs ever!

How To Be A Musician Others Want To Work With
June 12, 2020

The best musician might not be the best person to work with. A musician can always improve on their instrument...and to be honest some could do with improving their people skills too!

6 Beliefs That Hold Musicians Back
June 11, 2020

Musicians can doubt themselves...I know I do.  These are 6 beliefs that I have seen other musicians struggle with,  and I have too! It can be confronting to bare your soul to others, not knowing how it will be received.  So what can be done

The Hell's Angels Funeral Service
June 08, 2020

Playing at a Hell's Angels Funeral 50 degree heat!

Dealing With Stupid People
June 08, 2020

You'll come across all manner of stupid people when working as a do you deal with them?

Breaking World Records, Breaking Limitations, Breaking Expectations
June 07, 2020

In July of 2018, Scott broke the world record for the longest guitar playing marathon, by playing for 125 hours, or 5 days and 5 hours, He did this for a charity called 'Musicians Making A Difference', who work with kids and help them et to where they nee

Playing for the Outlaw Bikies
June 06, 2020

Sometimes it pays to ask for more details before you take the gig!