Bible Stories 4 Kids

Bible Stories 4 Kids

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You are Not Too Small!
June 21, 2021

God wants to use everyone, including YOU!

Jesus Loves Little Children
June 21, 2021

Every child is loved by Jesus!

The Soldier, his Servant and Jesus
June 21, 2021

Jesus healed the servant of the Soldier

Zacchaeus, the Rich Man
June 15, 2021

Jesus wants to save everyone. No one is left out of his life changing influence and power

Elijah & the Widow
May 25, 2021

God can take care of us anytime anywhere. He did take care of Elijah and the widow and her son in the midst of famine

Paul Met Christ!
May 08, 2021

Paul was attacking the followers of Christ because he believed that Jesus was just a deceiver. Then Jesus appeared to him!

Dorcas Came Back to Life!
April 07, 2021

When Dorcas got sick and died, widows and old women were weeping. Why? Dorcas was so good to them when she was alive.

Peter Walked on the Water!
March 26, 2021

Human beings don't normally walk on water. But Jesus and Peter did!

Elijah Went to Heaven!
March 15, 2021

There was a man who went to heaven straight, without dying. That was Elijah!

God Divided the Red Sea!
March 04, 2021

Moses crossed the Red Sea along with the people of Israel