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Taking Advantage of Startup Ecosystems with Asra Nadeem from Draper University.
July 01, 2020

Saif talks with Asra Nadeem, the President of Draper University, about how to get the most out of startup ecosystems, starting a new company during Covid-19, and resources available to new entrepreneurs. Check out some of Draper University’s programs and

What to look for in a tech cofounder? - with Philip Camilleri
June 23, 2020

Chris talks with second-time founder Philip Camilleri about how to find a tech cofounder, what makes a tech cofounder successful, how business cofounders can appeal to their tech counterparts, and the right mindset and communication skills needed to forge

Is Your Startup a Business? - with Victor Marks
June 16, 2020

Chris speaks with Victor Marks about asking the right kinds of questions, the importance of specificity, the perils of cofounding a hardware startup, and the long and winding road toward a different, more human/less profitable, definition of success. Vict

Founder Journey - with Amber Christian
June 09, 2020

In the very first episode of the Founderslist Podcast we talk with the delightful Amber Christian, founder of Wonderly Software, and developer of Bella Scena. Amber talks about her founder journey, bootstrapping, human-centered design, selling into enterp