Raisin’ Hell with Adèle

Raisin’ Hell with Adèle

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Why the Common App has more Common sense than 45
January 08, 2021

For my season finale, I will be addressing (alone) my opinions on the events that unfolded Jan. 6. I just remembered I never acknowledged nor congratulated the historic wins in Georgia, so my best goes to you both. Please, if you are conservative and this

Why I stopped running at 10:17pm, a discussion on feminism w/ Harshitaa Arunkumar
December 19, 2020

Active feminist, club president of our local high school’s Amnesty International chapter, and close friend Harshitaa Arunkumar and I discuss feminism and many common misconceptions that follow the movement. For more information and resources to support th

Movin’ and Groovin’ w/ Sarina Barot-Martinez
December 02, 2020

What’s it like to move from NY to CA for high school? How was Sarina 12 freshman year? Why would my playground area get set on fire in elementary school? All of these questions will be answered in this episodes’ topic of moving, as we recall some of our m

Stop saying sorry so much w/ Minji Kim
November 12, 2020

Lifelong friend and college tour memorizer Minji Kim and I talk about confidence during the college apps season. Sometimes it’s ok not to be humble, and to remain unapologetic for being yourself.(Side note: I apologize for not posting recently, more episo

Avoiding Hell with Adèle, an insider look on religion with Father Bob of St. Kateri Tekakwitha
September 27, 2020

What are the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism? Is it ok that Gen-Z is more spiritual than religious? Why wasn’t Terrence in any of the back to school photos? This episode I interviewed my former Catholic priest from New York, Father Rober

What does it mean to be plant-based? w/ Chloe Raygoza
September 01, 2020

Chloe and I talk about what it means to be plant-based, learn about veganism, and why so many people are doing it. Does eating meat really impact our environment? Go listen to Chloe’s podcast @projectvegoza where she delves more into the topics of food an

Autism Part 2 (with Doug Sim)
August 18, 2020

What is Static and Dynamic? What is RDI therapy? How does one get free coconut green tea drinks? Doug and I answer all these questions and more as we dive into the technical aspects of Autism, and how this is affected by the neurotypical world. Movies, sh

Autism (part 1) w/ Syndi Sim
August 06, 2020

After meeting London and his family at a bike camp, I have been babysitting him ever since, and I’m learning a lot about autism. His mother Syndi and I talk about common misconceptions, the spectrum, the neuro typical world, and the autism community. Stay

How should local government handle COVID-19? (w/ former mayor Ross Chun)
July 28, 2020

Vanessa and I interview the former mayor and city council member of our local town, Ross Chun, as to how local government has treated the outbreak. We also ask what people should do as individuals, and members of a larger community, and what teens can do

Studying Abroad: What to Consider
July 21, 2020

My dad and I delve into the topic of doing a year abroad, to see who it might be suited for and what you can get out of it. We also cover finances, jobs, and internships abroad and whether you should learn a new language.