Don't Listen To This Podcast

Don't Listen To This Podcast

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Ep. 05: Repent or YOLO!
January 28, 2021

There are only two options in this life: you either repent from your sinful ways and follow Christ, or you literally only live once, and then you spend eternity in Hell. Or... perhaps there is a third way?! Listen to this episode to find out.

Ep. 04: Liberation Theology? More like Damnation Theology
September 15, 2020

What is Liberation Theology, and why does it go against the Bible and almost everything God teaches? In this episode we discuss Liberation Theology and how it contrasts to the real message of the Gospel.

Ep. 03: Are Mermaids More Real Than Christians Who Don't Like Theology?
July 24, 2020

Can we make a Biblical case for mermaids? What about Christians who don't like the Bible, can we make a Biblical case for their salvation? Listen to this episode to find out how mermaids may or may not be linked to the flood described in Genesis 6, and to

Ep. 02: Justice and Fairness
June 08, 2020

Is God fair? Does he actually want rivers of fairness? And what about justice? In this episode we discuss fairness, justice, and righteousness, and some of what the Bible says about it. We also talk about the "Black Lives Matter" protests, and our thought

Ep. 01: Can You Be a Christian and not Believe in the Bible?
June 04, 2020

In this mostly unplanned introductory episode, we talk about what our podcast will be about, laugh a lot (sorry, it's loud sometimes), and question some bad "Christianity", including but not limited to, is God love and is love God?, putting your trust in