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Project Humanity

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Growing up Black In A White Dominate Culture: Layha’s Truth
June 24, 2020

Is change coming for the better? Layha believes so. But do you or I? Today we discuss life growing up in a white dominate city as a young black woman and areas of her life she felt must be repressed to fit in. Fighting and protesting the same basic rights

LGTBQI+ lifestyle
June 18, 2020

Brandon Aka “peaches” opens up and shares his personal story on the topics of being a gay man, understanding pronouns and why they’re SO important, and the steps and questions to ask to gain better understanding of the gay/Trans community. I persona

Systemic racism in the NFL & and how the NBA sets the trend on equality.
June 10, 2020

The NFL... a product we love through an organization we hate. The NFL’s lack of awareness and sensitivity to social issues that the NBA always seems to grasp. So why doesn’t that NFL just follow the NBA’s lead? Because that requires they let go of s

Wake up
June 07, 2020

This isn’t a planned episode: this is simply a quick thought that needed to be shared. Peace over Hate. Love over violence. Change for the better.