Chick Chat Funnies

Chick Chat Funnies

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Episode 2 Issue with women.
November 01, 2021

The beginning started off since we had planned to speak to one another and when we started Sophie was nervous and it was very uncomfortable and didnt follow the way we planned

First episode of Chicks Chat!
October 25, 2021

It was to pressure to figure out how to start so we just started recording while chatting and first time these five chicks spending time together and had a great time talking all about every random topics. Next week we will dedicate on specific-topic, whi

Team of cleaning chicks talking and gossiping on the job.
May 31, 2020

Only when we clean empty homes can we really just have fun, work hard but vibe out. We always are respectful in people's homes and never want them to hear us talk shit, but when it's empty we can.