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Marketing, Budgets and the Downturn
November 17, 2022

Hi, everyone. In this podcast episode, we're going to talk about marketing, budgets and the downturn. We'll discuss how the current economic climate is affecting businesses, and what marketing strategies you can use to stay afloat during these tough times

The 4 Types of Duplicate Content that Hurt SEO and How to Avoid Them
July 19, 2021

Paul and Florin will walk you through the 4 Types of Duplicate Content and give you codes for: that will help you get access to the solutions for avoiding Duplicate Content.You'll hear the great news, on today's episode of

Calendly: How to e-Meet, Schedule Calls, Manage Online Bookings and Calendars. Episode 7.
September 17, 2020

Calendly (now on is the best way to schedule meeting with people in the real world and also in the virtual space.If you want to interview people, collaborate with partners, or you want to give advice as an expert, Calendly w

The Next Episode: 3 Best Online Classes to Teach You Marketing in 2020
July 23, 2020

We've been slow cooking some juicy new Premium Online Classes on (Education Cloud 2020) and in this episode we talk about how they can help you:- look at exact steps that a Content Marketing team has taken to reach Page 1 of

What is Conversion Rate Optimization - Marketing Podcast Episode 5
June 26, 2020

Listen to the code in the first few minutes and then go to to redeem your code and get Lifetime access for this premium course (for free).  In today's episode we discuss about a very important Facebook story, from the t

How to Clean a Website Before Allowing Google to Index It - Marketing Podcast Episode 4
June 18, 2020

Listen and get your code in the first few minutes, then and go to Profile to redeem the code and get your lifetime access only for this course.  In this episode, the co-hosts discuss the dangers of allowing Google to in

Continuous Blogging - Marketing Education Cloud Podcast Episode 3
June 11, 2020

Listen to get the code, then go to: and redeem it from Profile.  It requires a free account.  In today's episode, Paul and Florin talk about coming up with new blog post ideas.  You will get to hear something

Learn how to get 10,000 Visits from Social Media
June 05, 2020

Use the code DM10k on and redeem your free course about how you can get 10,000 Visits from Social Media.Get a free account, then go to Profile -> Redeem code.This is the episode where Paul and Florin discuss about actually gettin

SEO for Humans
June 05, 2020

SEO For Humans is the first episode on Marketing Education Cloud podcast.Use the code DMHUMANS on and redeem your free course about SEO for Humans. Usually this course is only available as part of Premium Pass, but with this code you