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Why the last cookie in the Jar makes your mouth mouth water? - Scarcity Error
June 09, 2020

Here I talk how companies play with us by creating a sense of scarcity and how we end up buying those things that are not necessary for us.

Why you systematically overestimate your knowledge and abilities? || Over confidence Efffect || S1 E3
June 07, 2020

In this episode, we talk about how people overestimate their knowledge and abilities. Overconfidence effect is everywhere, especially the experts and smart people are effected by overconfidence rather than common people.  Here we learn to be sceptical t

Why you should visit Cemeteries? ||Survivorship Bias || S1 E2
June 07, 2020

Here the author talks about why one can learn from others failure and why expectations doesn't meet reality. To understand your aim, one must go through the failures of other and realize those failures

How to take care of your Oral Health? with Dr. Pratima || S1 E1
June 05, 2020

Brief introduction to Oral Health. Why children are in high risk in Oral Health? Common myth about oral health.General practice in Dentistry . Challenge in Dental practice because of COVID-19 Pandemic. Challenges in Oral Health.W