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CIA Intelligence

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Episode 8: Binging With Babish Fires Kendall (feat. Kendall Beach)
November 11, 2021

We're joined by Kendall, the newly-appointed kitchen producer of popular webseries Binging With Babish, who gives us the inside scoop on every future planned episode and Andrew Rea's darkest secrets/shady practices. 3/4th of the gang prepares to

Episode 1: All My Homies Hate DiGiorno
June 22, 2020

Which will come out on top in this battle of microwave oven pizzas? Lots of thought-provoking inquiries split the lovely podcast group apart, and Dom attempts to show us what's in her fridge, but then again, there is no video to supplement this. We also..

Episode 0: I Don't Even Rep Kansas
June 07, 2020

We slowly make our transition from culinary school podcast to weather reports. Everyone but CJ likes the Roadkill Chili, and we also try to make Dom the podcast pariah, but she doxxes all of us. So we don't do that anymore.