Healing with Nola High Priestess

Healing with Nola High Priestess

Latest Episodes

Let People Miss out on You ❤️
August 17, 2023

Just a lil message about self worth!

That storm may have a purpose for you & your life! ☔️
March 24, 2023

Love y’all ! Just a lil quick message.

Everything is falling Apart, but greater is coming together ✨
October 05, 2022

For those moments you feel everything is falling apart in your life, hoping this will uplift anyone who needs this word!

Protection & healing visualization session
June 05, 2020

This guided meditation /visualization session will take your on a journey of purifying your energy field & opening up to the protection of your guides, angels & ancestors. This is meant to bring you a sense of peace , calm & grounding. Enjoy !