iRead Time with Funmi Ilori

iRead Time with Funmi Ilori

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Leading with Passion
February 01, 2024

Leqders inspire collaboration and harmony among their team. They nurture the growth of their members by guiding them through personal and professional development. Leaders are responsible for celebrating every victory by recognizing the collective effort

What would you do if you had a million dollars.
November 04, 2023

Sharing our views on making the world a better place.

Lami and the Singing Fish
July 26, 2023

Lami lives in a fishing village with her single father, BABA. One day, BABA caught a fish so he asked Lami to clean. To Lami's surprise, the fish began to sing and asked her for a favour. Would Lami grant the request? Enjoy the readaloud.

Readaloud - Cracked
July 19, 2023

There's famine in the Animal kingdom and a forthcoming party in the sky but only the birds can go because they are the only ones that can fly. Tortoise wants to attend but he can't fly. Tortoise betrays the birds that showed him kindness.

Literary Personality - Professor Wole Soyinka
January 29, 2023

Wole Soyinka was born on 13 July 1934 at Abeokuta, in western Nigeria. His father was a priest in the Anglican Church and principal of a school. His mother owned a store and was active within the women's liberation movement. His family belongs to the Yoru

Literary Personalities in Nigeria, Africa and the World.
January 29, 2023

Chinua Achebe, popularly known as the father of African literature hails from Ogidi in Anambra State Nigeria, He was born on November 16 1930 to the family of Mr and Mrs Isaiah & Janet Achebe. Chinua Achebe married Christie and they had four children. He

iFamily Story Time
September 19, 2022

The Story of Noah.

Goal Setting
April 19, 2021

Set goals on reading (mental), praying (spiritual), exercising (physical). Set long term, intermediate and short term goals.

How Successful people think.
April 09, 2021

Have the right attitude and a positive mindset. Dream Big and make big plans. Question the status quo and never settle for less. Reflect by pondering on events and your experiences. Invest in personal development while you add value to others. Be delibera

Ginger Bread Man as read by pupils of Everglorious School.
March 05, 2021

World Book Day ReadAloud Challenge