MTP Coaching, Mentorship & Career Acceleration

MTP Coaching, Mentorship & Career Acceleration

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People skills are more important than technical skills
June 21, 2020

People affect our drive, performance and even the willingness to go to work. To mitigate the effects of work-place frustration and overwhelm, we have to raise our EQ. This takes creating an intention to connect and then learning how to. --- This episo

Not everyone has your best interest at heart as a young hustler. Look out for yourself
June 06, 2020

In the "Shark Tank" you need your wits about you. People getting into bed with you, professionally speaking, may not doing for your pleasure. Take your time to explore what you are getting into to. You might be playing into the hands of "corporate vampire

What is the Management Trainee Programme?
June 05, 2020

Would you like to do better in your career? Do you need to tweak your Confidence, Competence and Credibility? True, MTP does ultimately help you to ace your next job interview, land a well-paying, fun and fulfilling job and, most importantly, to KEEP IT!