Going Vertical

Going Vertical

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016: Find Your Pen & Do 6 Figures Per Month Dropshipping w/ Gia
August 16, 2021

Gia has successfully build her ecommerce business up to over 6 figures per month in revenue in under 7 months and continues to scale her store. Starting with no business background and a lot of desire to make a significant change in her life, she doubled

015: How You Can Travel The Country and Build New Businesses Too
August 06, 2021

How I have traveled the country and built a new business successfully, and how you can do it too. Principles to rely on, best practices, a quick how-to on how to maneuver and travel around as well as my favorite places to visit. An overview of Starbase, T

014: From Grocery Store Clerk to Stores w/ Over 6 Figures a Month Dropshipping & Beyond - Jordan Griffith
July 15, 2021

From walking to work for his grocery store shift to having two successful dropshipping businesses worth over 30x their monthly profit, Jordan isn't just stopping with ecommerce, he's pushing into flipping land and starting his real estate compan

013: Building a Business on the Road and a Vision of Space and the Future
June 30, 2021

Business is hard enough when you have a desk, air conditioning and a space where you can focus for 8-12 hours a day without interruption. Now remove the desk, the A/C, the chair and then add in interruptions, breathtaking views, a whole lot of driving and

012: Your Path, Direction, & Decisions - Ask The Hard Questions
March 09, 2021

If you want something and don't have it. If you are going into business or in the trenches already. If you need some reassurance and clarity to maintain or get back on your path. Ask the hard questions. Study those whom you want to be like and learn

011: From 0 to Ecommerce Coach w/ Ali Balaghe
January 09, 2021

Ali is a Sydney Australia native who's come from humble beginnings as a laborer to a successful ecommerce dropshipping coach in 6 months. He explains his story and what it takes to achieve success quickly, how to help others and how to make a living

010: Financially Free at 23 and Going After Those Bananas w/ Morgan Nelson
December 30, 2020

Morgan is a 27 year old Gold Coast local who went from being emotionally andfinancially broke at the age of 21 to financially free at 23. He has gone on to build a 6 figure online business in the network marketing space, leading a team of thousands of oth

009: Multi-Million Dollar Credit Repair Business at 22 w/ Reuben Deleon
December 06, 2020

Reuben has built a multi million dollar credit repair business at the age of 22 against all odds. From failing in high school and at 8 previous jobs, he found a way to improve himself consistently by precisely tailoring his lifestyle and information intak

008: From NASA to LinkedIn, Problem Solving and Influence w/ Edgar Hernandez
November 18, 2020

Edgar Hernandez and I worked together at NASA's Kennedy Space Center the summer of 2018 and have hit it off ever since. He's a software engineer who understands how to take an idea and a problem space and engineer a solution and a service. This

007: A Million Dollar Business at 23 and The Law of Attraction w/ Josh Mckelvey
October 20, 2020

Josh Mckelvey is a successful internet entrepreneur running a million dollar marketing company at 23, a rapper from Maine and a very exciting individual to interview. Consistent personal development and a disciplined and open mindset have led him to conti