Sally Knight Lately

Sally Knight Lately

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Sn1 Ep3|| Not the J word!
October 23, 2020

Do you feel,, I don't know,, jealous,,when you see how well your peers are doing while you toil and nothing good comes up??Well, I know you are not jealous,, it's a feeling but it's not jealousy,, as I explained in this week's episode of Sally Knigh

Sn1 Ep2||Keep on keeping on,,
July 10, 2020

Been feeling under the weather and I'm happy to talk to you guys about it.

Sn1 Ep1||New Kid in The Block.
June 05, 2020

I guess 2020 has really thrown so many unexpected things at us huh! I hope y'all get to enjoy this interesting new journey with me. When life gives you lemon,, make lemonade!