InseQueer: The Podcast

InseQueer: The Podcast

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Season who gives a shit.
March 29, 2024

Beyonc released Country Carter today and I havent listened yet.Support the show

Murder She Manifested- sensitive topics
March 01, 2023

I was almost killed. Discussion mattersAssault Sexual AssaultRapeTrauma Support the show

I’m in love, I think. Bipolar Update.
October 30, 2022

Yall. Ive never felt like this. Ever. And somehow thats become the problem....Being of sound mind and body, I can declare that I am not of sound mind and body LOL.Support the show

I’m a Survivvvvoor
September 21, 2022

For some reason I wanted to share "The Mask" by Dr. Maya Angelou which she penned in response to Paul Laurence Dunbars we wear the mask. I don't remember it having a huge place in this episode, but I have been talking a great deal about r

My Mother -The Memory
August 23, 2022

Dear God,I know you have given me the ability to be vulnerable and the gift for wanting to share my story and most authentically my truth. I am so grateful for this season in my life God. I have to thank you. I am so grateful that youve ordered my steps

I take accountability
August 14, 2022

I have to take accountability for my actions. Learning to listen.Support the show

Sensitive Subject: I was molested.
August 06, 2022

My growth is on the other side of this truth,...You are not alone....Consent is necessaryGod, Growth and BeyoncSupport the show

Myself around B
August 03, 2022

I dance now.Support the show

I love Beyonce
July 31, 2022

I am grateful to be alive. Thank you, Beyonce.Support the show

I am Bipolar
March 25, 2022

I found out I was bipolar about two months ago and well these are just my thoughts on my diagnosis.Support the show