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Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 009 | Matt Doe
February 25, 2021

In this episode of Wide Awake Radio, Matt Doe discusses aspects of the creative process like perfectionism, constraints, and happy accidents to life in Canada during quarantine.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 007 | DanceSafe & Zendo Project
October 28, 2020

We sat down with DanceSafe's Kristin Karas and Zendo Project's Ryan Jay Beauregard to speak about harm reduction issues in the EDM community.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 006 | Fryar
October 15, 2020

In the sixth episode of Wide Awake Radio, we talk about Matt's family background, his most recent Wakaan EP with Mersiv, and more!

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 005 | Super Future
August 21, 2020

This Wide Awake Radio session, we talk about how Nick mastered his craft, his personal journey through spiritual awakening, & his very own Samsara Collective.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 003 | Ravenscoon
June 22, 2020

This month, CE goes deep with Ravenscoon about relationships, politics, and art.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 002 | Aplsoz
May 25, 2020

This month, CE's founder and podcast radio host both got the chance to chat with Daytona-based underground bass music artist, APLSOZ.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 001 | Mize
April 20, 2020

This month, we're so happy to debut our very first podcast episode with rising bass producer Ian Evans, or MIZE as he's popularly known.

Wide Awake Radio: Stream CE’s debut episode with MIZE in the studio [PODCAST]
April 15, 2020

Tune in to tune out. This is Wide Awake Radio.…