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If you’re awake - Joy April
March 18, 2023

Someone whos wide awake can never go back to sleep however the matrix will try to prison you in every possible way. --- Send in a voice message:

Is jobless considered irresponsible - Joy April
March 13, 2023

The modern society sees a joblessness person as a unworthy human being. Is that okay? --- Send in a voice message:

Schizophrenia - what it is?
March 08, 2023

There are many man made mental illness which we did it to ourself. However condition like Schizophrenia are much serious than just going for a counseling. They are entities attachments and failing to treat in a right way results in fatal --- Send in a

Does the future human will have only 4 fingers?
March 05, 2023

Future humans may not have the 5th pinky finger. --- Send in a voice message:

Light workers and star seed deception
March 04, 2023

Is these light workers are working for a false light aka evil --- Send in a voice message:

Soul contract is a soul trap
March 03, 2023

We have been forced to have painful soul contract by tricking to you to believe you still have business to do in planet earth is very illogical soul trap --- Send in a voice message:

Schools kill the curiosity of the child
March 01, 2023

Schools doesnt make creative kids instead they create Uniform kids with same thinking patterns--- Send in a voice message:

Non real people
February 28, 2023

The world is filled with non real people who is added to the matrix to increase the global population, These people are empty as soulless --- Send in a voice message:

Money is a layer of matrix
February 27, 2023

Were the only beings in the world pay to live and eat. This is fundamentally wrong and cruel to the mankind --- Send in a voice message:

Awakening from the awakening
February 25, 2023

New age awakening is very dangerous, accepting pain and sufferings as a pathway to higher vibration is BS. If you believe these concepts in the end its an another cage in the 3D matrix designed to drain your soul, so we must awake wake-up for REAL