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Episode 006: Protest in the NFL
November 11, 2020

Back from break!! This week on White & Working on it, Brittany talks about America’s favorite thing about Sunday’s in the fall, the National Football League. We’ll dive into the history of protest and

Episode 005: Looting Is Not the Issue
September 03, 2020

This week on White & Working on it, Brittany talks about the events in Los Angeles where sheriff deputies killed Dijon Kizzee while riding his bike. Next up, a history lesson on the reparations that w

Episode 004: Do You Know About Black August?   
August 28, 2020

Better late than never this week! Brittany shares her thoughts on the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the events that occurred thereafter. This week we also work on educating oursel

Episode 003: Racial Voter Suppression 
August 19, 2020

This week on White & Working on it, Brittany defines voter suppression in all of its modern-day forms. Listen and learn how Black and Hispanic voters are strategically kept from the polls at every ele

Episode 002: The History of Policing in the United States
August 12, 2020

This week Brittany gives a crash course history lesson on policing in the United States. From the 18th century "Slave Patrols" to modern-day Police Departments, the oppression and brutality persists.

Episode 001: Let’s Recap
August 05, 2020

Welcome to White & Working On It. Join Brittany as she kicks off the podcast and recaps what progress has and has not been made since George Floyd was murdered 72 days ago. Helpful Links: Fast Action

White & Working On It: Trailer
June 07, 2020

Host Brittany Giammona wants to talk about racism in the United States. She is on a quest to be a better ally to the Black Lives Matter movement and is taking you with her. We (white people) are going to unlearn our bias and re-learn black history in...